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Engaged Sweeper III

Would it be possible in a future version to include the specification of the context when dealing with SNMPv3 credentials? Some devices support SNMPv3, but not using the default context used in SMPv3 scanning. For instance, some OKI printers answers to SNMV3 requests only when the "v3context" context is specified.

As it is right now, when I need to query those devices I am forced to use the insecure SNMPv1 protocol.

Also, when no privacy (encryption) is needed, the UI still pretend to have the encryption field filled in.


Engaged Sweeper
This is a requirement in our organization, we must use SNMPv3 with "Context", we really need Lansweeper to keep up with security requirements.
Engaged Sweeper II
We are running into the same issue with the HP printers. Context needs to be Jetdirect but there is no way to specify this in Lansweeper.

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