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Engaged Sweeper
I used the Lansweeper Configuration utility to group software together under the Licenses tab and I want to be able to run a report against those new groupings and am not able to figure this out. I'm not a SQL guy, i'm not a report building person - this is all new to me and I cannot make out how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For example, under the Licenses tab, I created a group called Adobe Reader under the box labeled 'Licensed software that you want to keep track of:' and under that, I then added all of the Adobe Reader applications that were found ( I also had configured how many we purchased along with the price).

I would like to run a report against this data (and emailed to me on a scheduled time) to have it report to me what we have and if we're over licensed on the groups that I setup.

Thank you,

Lansweeper Alumni
You need the following tables for this: tbllicenses, tblsublicenses,tblsoftware,tblcomputers.
Engaged Sweeper
Can anyone help me with this?