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Engaged Sweeper II
We found and error in this report https://www.lansweeper.com/report/ssd-or-hdd-audit/
Assumption that C: is always PHYSICALDRIVE0 is wrong. Because there is no relation between tblDiskdrives and tblFloppy we used this workaround:

Where tblDiskdrives.Caption = 'C:' AND dbo.tblFloppy.floppyID = (SELECT MIN(floppyID) FROM dbo.tblFloppy f WHERE ABS((CONVERT(FLOAT, f.size) / tblDiskdrives.Size) - 1) < 0.05 AND f.AssetID = dbo.tblAssets.AssetID) 

Therefore we find records in tblFloppy with similar sizes and choose the one with the lowest floppyID. That's because C: has not always the lowest ID of all volumes.

It would also by nice if Lansweeper can read attribute MediaType from WMI class MSFT_PhysicalDisk on its own. Here I found a Powershell workaround: https://www.lansweeper.com/Forum/yaf_postst12853_Solid-State-Disk-Detector.aspx#post46068