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Engaged Sweeper
I'm trying to make a query to search for only USB devices (i.e.: thumb drive, blackberry, etc.) plugged into my network. IF any are found I would like it to display the nomenclature, the serial number of the USB device, who is logged into the computer, the IP, and the time/date it was plugged in. If given enough time I can eventually decipher code but that's about as far as it goes so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Engaged Sweeper
Here's on that can report detected removable storage. The report includes the computer's name, the most recent username on that computer, that username's display name from AD, that username's department from AD, and caption (drive letter) of the removable devices detected. This report uses the disk drive's description and not any usb related queries.

I didn't see anything in the report builder for using USB like this..

Select Top 1000000 dbo.tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
dbo.tblComputers.Computername, dbo.tblComputers.Username,
tblADusers.Displayname, tblADusers.Department, tblDiskdrives.Caption,
From dbo.tblComputers Inner Join
tblDiskdrives On dbo.tblComputers.Computername = tblDiskdrives.Computername
Inner Join
tblADusers On tblADusers.Username = dbo.tblComputers.Username And
tblADusers.Userdomain = dbo.tblComputers.Userdomain
Where tblDiskdrives.Description Like '%Removable%'

Lansweeper Alumni
Just tried to create a report like this but I can't find the usb serial number or type (correct me if I'm wrong)