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Engaged Sweeper II

Monthly Patch Reports

Does the most current month report supersede the previous month?

Example - I run the April Report - from the day it is released up until  a couple of Days before the May report is released:

I show 270 computers as "up to date".   5 Computers not.

The May Patch Tuesday Happens -The May Report is released.  I run the May Report - computers start showing up as up to date.  (More every day).   

I then run the April Report - and all but 3 or machines no show OUT OF DATE  3 or 4 may show up to date (usually the servers as the boss may not have run updates yet). 

Is this to be expected?

Thank you.


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Yes, it is expected that the most current month's patch report will supersede the previous month's report. This is because Monthly Rollups are cumulative, meaning that the latest rollup will overwrite the previous one in the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) of your Windows assets. As a result, older reports will start to show false positives and become outdated quickly.

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