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Resolved! Asset Count

Hi,Is there any way that i can take the Asset count report by model wise or location wise or asset manufacturer wiselike for example..1.Location1 - 100Location 2 - 200Location 3 - 3002.Thinkpad 230 - 100Thinpas X240 - 1003.Dell - 100Lenovo - 100Hewl...

Resolved! Ageing of Assets

Hi,I need a report which list all the assets with the Ageing of each asset in years (Based on the purchase date). For ExampleAsset Type Serial No Ageing (Years)Windows 123456 4Have mentioned few columns for example.

Resolved! Report of Programs of Microsoft Office - Last Use

Hi people!I need create a report of the features or programs included in Microsoft Office in the organization.The idea is to lower licensing costs by identifying which users use or undetermined characteristic of office. For example, in a computer is ...

fdmarconi by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Adding Last user to a report

I am trying to add the most recent user to the following report for each asset name. It appear the data I want is in tblCPlogoninfo.Username. My problem is this file has multiple entries for each asset name based on the last login time and date so a ...

Andy_Clay by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! New employees by months

Hello all, I've had a look at the new Video Overview from Lansweeper and I've seen something very interesting and can't find it in the latest update that was available (v.5306).It's the line chart with "New Employees by Months" seen at 2m35s in the v...

soucyinter by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! MS Audit - Report Needed

Hi,We are currently undergoing a review/audit with Microsoft. I am looking to have a 90% completion and I am struggling to get some data using the MS tool provided as some machines are turned on.However, I should have this data available in Lansweep...