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Lansweeper Alumni
Data scanned by Lansweeper is stored in a SQL Compact or SQL Server database. The Lansweeper report builder is a standard editor for creating SQL queries. It is highly recommended, if you're not already familiar with SQL, that you review some SQL tutorials. This will greatly assist you in building or modifying Lansweeper reports. If you know SQL, you know how to build Lansweeper reports as well.

We recommend having a look at the following resources before posting a forum topic:
  • This tutorial is a good place to start learning SQL.
  • Our database dictionary explains in great detail what each Lansweeper database table and field stores.
  • All reports built into the Lansweeper software, as well as other reports we consider useful, can be found in our report center. We add new reports on a regular basis. If you're looking for a specific report, perform a quick search in the report center first.