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Engaged Sweeper
We are in the process of migrating from printing to HP printers to Panasonic Copiers. I was wondering if I could set up some kind of report on default printer to help me determine which machines have already been done. Would that be possible in Lansweeper?

EDIT: I found some new information since asking this question, but I need help putting it all together.

I discovered that the registry key the default printer is set at is:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device
So, I added that to Lansweeper registry monitoring.

I also discovered that it is of the format "\\LN014\LN.S651.CSP001.HPLJ5,winspool,Ne01:", where the first part is the actual printer share, then the spooler and finally the connection, e.g. network or parallel port.

So, now I need help figuring out the query to report on the default printers.

Engaged Sweeper
Is there a example that you can post that would show people who still have printers mapped to an old print server EG ServerOld instead of Server New?
Engaged Sweeper
OK, it is pretty primitive, but it works for us. The view I came up with is:

SELECT Computername, [Value]
FROM dbo.tblRegistry
WHERE (Valuename = 'Device')

Hopefully someone else will find it useful.