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Engaged Sweeper III
This might be impossible to do, but I thought I would ask. Does anyone know of a way to lock the top row of the report in Lansweeper? I know we can in Excel, but it's a manual process of opening it and clicking the button and then saving. The harder part is remembering to do it. Any idea's or tricks to automate would be appreciated.
Honored Sweeper II
I have to assume that you're asking about locking the first row in Excel, because the titles in LANSweeper reports are already locked at the top.

Suggestion: make yourself a global macro that jumps to A2 and then freezes the row above, then create yourself a quick-access toolbar button that runs the macro.

If you want to record the macro: F5, A2, Enter, Alt+W, F, F. The result should look like this:
Sub freeze_top_row()
Application.Goto Reference:="R2C1"
ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = True
End Sub

You'll still have to remember to invoke it, but it'll be just a click away.