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Engaged Sweeper
Hi, I need to be able to create a report which will only show a single asset type. I know how this can be done using the asset groups however, I need this in a report to be displayed as a widget on the dashboard. I have been requested to display reports on a shared dashboard for our network guys showing, Switches, our VoIP servers and any other network equipment we have in our environment. I would like to be able to create different reports for each asset type but, i have no experience with SQL and I am finding it difficult to do this myself. I would imagine it would be rather simple for anyone which is experienced with SQL. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If someone is able to create a single report for switches for example, I would most likely be able to edit it for the rest of the types we need.

Many thanks,

Honored Sweeper II
Are you just looking for the Asset Type Overview widget?
RC62N wrote:
Are you just looking for the Asset Type Overview widget?

No, I am looking for a way to display either one type of asset in a report or several different types of assets. Its specifically for our network team. They have no interest in seeing desktops/laptops or any non networking specific devices.

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