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Show newly discovered software

The report below list newly discovered software (software not previously discovered by Lansweeper) in the last 7 days, and the asset it has been installed on. Please note that this report compares the first 10 characters of recently scanned software ...

Hendrik_VE by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! LSAgent Report

Need help modifying the lsagent not seen in 7 days report to show only active devices. Any help is always appreciated.

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
  • 2 replies
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Regular expression in query builder

Hi,I want to filter out certain assetnames that have specific structure (first two letters, then 6 numbers). I want to use regex for this, but I can't get it to work. I'm sure my regex works (verified it at, but when I use it in ...

Resolved! Report for specific IP range

The short of what I want is to create a disk space report for a specific subnet range. So I want to scan 192.168.0.x and I'm using the following script. The alternative would be to add the names of the servers i want in the report somehow but its cur...

Culejoe by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report Help - Only show assets past a certain time

Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.AssetName, tsysassettypes.AssetTypename, tsysassettypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon, tblassets.Lastseen, tblassetcustom.LastPatched, tblassets.IPAddress, tblassets.Lasttried, tblassets.UsernameFrom ...

Tythesly by Engaged Sweeper III
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