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Engaged Sweeper
We would like to be able to include columns from other SQL database tables in Lansweeper reports.

For example, we have an existing SQL table which contains details on users in a database called REFERENCE. We would like to include Job Title, Phone Number, etc. from REFERENCE in, say, the Asset to User Relations reports produced in Lansweeper.

Assuming the service ID used to query the Lansweeper database also has sufficient access to REFERENCE, is it possible to build custom queries which refer to tables in REFERENCE? If so, what syntax should be used, etc. to enable the report builder to validate the SQL references and save the report?

(Note that we are well able to execute the report above by modifying the Lansweeper query and running from SSMS or similar. Not everyone has these tools/skills/access, however, but all have access to Lansweeper.)
Champion Sweeper III
so long as you have permission to where you are querying and a dba to do it for you, you could add a view in the LS database, however their data dictionary would not know anything about it and their GUI probably won't let you edit it, therefor you would need to use Management studio to edit it.
Champion Sweeper
the LS report GUI does not have all syntax that you can do in SSMS... I have to use SSMS for nonstandard commands (like STUFF command) ...

LS Support will give you a query to do an INSERT where you can insert the report/query manually in LS - it won't pull up in the GUI, but you can then run the report

I can't find the query at the moment but LS will give it to you