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Engaged Sweeper II
Looking for tips on how to create a report of active users in AD, possibly by OU, that have no computer associated with their account.
For a variety of reasons, we have some machines that are not in the LS database, and corresponding users who have no asset associated.
I'm trying to create a report of the above so that we can track down the missing assets.

Engaged Sweeper II
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm sorry for my poor description.
On the User page, under "Last Computer", some of our users have nothing listed.
What I am trying to do is pull a report that lists these users so that we can track down why their computer is not being inventoried.
Champion Sweeper III
We presume that you are referring to the Enabled/Disabled state of users in AD. Lansweeper does unfortunately not scan if a user in AD is Enabled or Disabled. This is however on our customer wish list to be implemented in a future release, we can unfortunately not give an estimated release date when this feature may be released.