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Engaged Sweeper II
I'd like to make a report that pulls out a substring of the FTP header. My current report pulls tblAssetCustom.FTPheader but I'd like to get a version number out of it. The version number doesn't always appear at the same index for each asset so I don't think I can do a plain substring.


[220 silex SX-3000GB Ver 1.1.3 FTP server], note: brackets are not part of the string, I want to have "1.1.3" in the report.

If this was .NET or Powershell I would do something like this:
[regex]::Match("220 silex SX-3000GB Ver 1.1.3 FTP server","\d\.\d\.\d").value

But alas I'm still at a basic SQL level so I'm not sure if this can be done in Lansweeper.

Thanks in advance either way.
Engaged Sweeper II
Well I found a "workaround" for anyone that has a similar issue.

I used a combination of SUBSTRING and CHARINDEX to find Ver in the string and then grab the next 9 characters:

220 silex SX-3000GB Ver 1.1.3 FTP server

using SUBSTRING( tblAssetCustom.FTPheader, CHARINDEX('Ver' , tblAssetCustom.FTPheader), 9 )

turns into Ver 1.1.3

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