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Engaged Sweeper III
I would love to see some built in reports for Windows Updates and WSUS that show compliance levels, for example, the Number/Percent of machines/servers that don't have the latest cumulative update. (Or based on critical, important updates)

I imagine there's a whole raft of details that could be pulled from the machines to allow us poor souls to report on the Windows Updates status in a more satisfactory manner than the reports built into WSUS.

Engaged Sweeper III
err... ok!

We don't have an SQL Dba so I rely on the goodwill of the devs and members here.

Surely it must be possible for Lansweeper to query the latest critical cumulative from MS and then create a nice report based on that. ie, patched, un-patched, pie charts etc?
Champion Sweeper III
if you wsus is running against sql and lansweeper is as well, you could link the 2 servers (assuming different ones and/or instances) and query from LS with linked queries (so says my dba) we don't do it but if I get a chance I will have him prove what he says some day lol