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adding KB numbers

I would like to edit the patch Tuesday report to include other KB articles. so for example the October 2019 report of server 2012 has the following:When tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 8.1' Or tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 2012 R2' Then 'KB4519990 or KB4520005...

Model Year Report

Hello,I want to create a report that basically looks at the model of a machine and assigns a date to it in a custom column.I am wondering if I could create a custom table or something within LS that would basically have:Model1 – 2011Model2 – 2012Etc....

MHScripts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows updates reports not working

Hi I'm running a report with the script below but it seems to say sme of the system are out of date when the patch I have assigned to the OS is applied whn I physically look on the PC/ Server. I'm new to Lansweeper so I wonder if anyone could correct...

RobC1973 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report - OS "Not Scanned or actual OS"

Hi I want to achieve this report below , unfortunately I can't find the sample Please advise and share me exact query The expectation, the OS should be the actual OS or Not Scanned the value Sample :AssetName , Domain , Enabled , Type , IP Address ...

Toberts_D by Engaged Sweeper
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ActiveSync Report Additions

Hi New to this first ime poster:Im trying to add the username or email address the the built in Active Sync report instead of the Mailbox Name but having some issues.Can someone help?

Need the inverse of this working report

The report below works to identify all assets that HAVE the service "DrAService" present on the asset. The DrAService is "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Full Disk Encryption\DrAService.exe".I am attempting to identify the list of assets that DO NOT ha...