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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

If you initiated a Lansweeper Cloud-first installation and attempted to add your Lansweeper Cloud license through the Lansweeper on-premises web console, you will receive the following error:

License issue cloud 1.png

This error occurs if you're an existing Lansweeper Classic customer with an on-premises license. This can cause conflicts between the cloud and classic licenses.

When you initiate a Cloud-first trial, you’re automatically assigned a Lansweeper Cloud license that must be managed in your cloud site and should not be entered or renewed from the Lansweeper Classic on-premises environment.

If you want to run a new Lansweeper Classic on-premises installation, follow the steps in Install Lansweeper Classic. Specifically, ensure you install Lansweeper using the command LansweeperSetup.exe /classic.

If you decide to link your Lansweeper Cloud site with your Lansweeper Classic account, follow the steps in Link with cloud site.

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