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Champion Sweeper
1. WMI Classes i would like to see added.

Scheduled Tasks
Windows Activation

2. ability to leverage vendor specific WMI classes

to grab specific bios information. physical disk setup (raid level etc)

3. Trending/Analysis/Reports
with history disk usage, create trend charts on usage, warnings and estimates on disk full etc.
similar reports for CPU/Memory

(features in CA eHealth) - very handy

4. Ability to poll IP range by SNMP only
our security team monitors all equipment logs, and our IP ranges have mixed equipment. I cannot have windows/ssh attempts on all our equipment. I would prefer to have only SNMP attempts.

5. Ability to enter more info for licenses
- project/PO/Quote where the license came from. maybe an attachment?
- also OS compliance forces you to split licenses between
2003 standard
2003 standard 64 bit

IP Locations are great.. thanks!