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Engaged Sweeper III
We are grandfathered in an unlimited asset license, which it seems is restricted in as many ways as possible to 'encourage' us to upgrade to a standard license. So in evaluating things in our asset count, we have 4227 licensed assets in a company of <much less than that>-ish. I can exclude types of devices no problem though I am still evaluating which I want to exclude, but it appears it will not bring my counts down enough to be reasonable. So I'm wondering what is and how things are counting towards this total:
  • Since I am scanning Active Directory, are users considered assets?
  • Since workstations are found both in Active Directory as well in segment scans and LSPush scans, there are multiple entries when searching on machine names. Does this mean that they are counting multiple times toward the asset count?
  • If AD+Actual scans count toward the total (one machine counted twice) then is there a way to auto-merge these? I'm cool with seeing a stand-alone AD listing if the machine can't otherwise be scanned (as a heads up - here's a machine we can't find in real life) but when both exist, I certainly don't want to waste an asset count on both items
  • If I'm scanning a workstation that is also an FTP server, and I exclude FTP servers, am I also going to lose the entry as a workstation?

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.