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Engaged Sweeper
Both LsPush and Active Scanning are using way to much CPU (60-100%), and taking an extremely long time to complete on 2008 and win7 machines.
All of my 2008 and Win7 machines are 64-bit, so I can't tell if it's OS or architecture related.
I timed one Windows2008 server at a little over 8 minutes, and a Windows 7 machine at over 12 minutes to complete lspush.
LsClient will run on the same machines in about 30-45 seconds
The lspush command on any XP or 2003 machine completes in about 15 seconds.

I don't know when this started, as we are just beginning to use 2008 servers in more prominent roles, and we have all of a dozen win7 clients.

Has anyone else seen this type of behavior with lspush / Active scan?
Lansweeper Alumni
For other users with the same problem:

The WMI query for eventlog information can take a long time if you have a really big eventlog file (+1 GB)
Engaged Sweeper II
We have win7 machines and it is working fine with no issues
Lansweeper Alumni
Can you please e-mail an lspush file to

We are developing our software on windows 7 machines and have never seen this behavior.