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Engaged Sweeper

I sit with a new PC that needs to go to somebody else for testing purposes. I need al the info on that PC in lansweeper.
1. Connectted to the network( Do not have a lot of time)
2. Tried adding a new device( Could not find a PC)
3. Give it a name and run device tester & Rescan

But it does not appear on the the list

Please help for future reference.

Engaged Sweeper
Thanx, Will try this.
Lansweeper Alumni
You cannot manually add computers to the database. The Devicetester.exe is only used for testing purposes as well and does not pull any data into your database. The "Rescan" and "Full Rescan" buttons only work for computers that are already in your database.

If you have this PC with you and own a Lansweeper license, we would recommend simply running LsPush on the machine in order to scan it. Copy the LsPush.exe located in Program Files\Lansweeper\Client on your Lansweeper server to the client machine, run it locally without any extra parameters and place the resulting scan file in the Program Files\Lansweeper\Service\import folder on your Lansweeper server to import it.