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Engaged Sweeper

I hope the follwing request is possible with lansweeper:
I want to define a Custom Asset field. This field should stands for
the description of a cost center. The the best way will be a dropdown menu, where
I could choose the right cost center. The cost center themselves should be maintaned in a seperate
table so in the background are IDs which belongs to the text.
So if I have to change text globally I only have to change one field!

So: Is it possible to mantain own tables in Lansweeper in the background?
Is it possible to "connect" Custom Field values to tables?

Lansweeper Alumni
You can use a dropdown menu with pre-filled values with the currently available asset custom fields. This can be set up under Configuration\Asset Pages, scroll down to Asset Custom Fields and use the type 'combobox'. You can add values to the Values column. Changes to these values on this page aren't reflected on asset pages where values have already been selected though unfortunately, a new edit would be necessary on the asset page.

It's currently not possible in Lansweeper to add your own custom tables. We also cannot provide support for any database modifications you would make, as these could potentially undermine the integrity of your installation.