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Engaged Sweeper

We have the following problem

We have asset that dissapears if a new computer has the same IP adresss

The computer have Linux OS

For example

We have
1 computer that have name : Computer1 with IP
We scan the range IP (10.0.0/24).

We search on lanswepper interface , it finds the asset, we seach Computer1, it finds the asset too

We shutdown this computer.

We take a new computer named Computer2, we put the same IP manualy. We launch the scan of the Ip range.

We search it founds the new computer (ok for us), we search Computer2, it is OK. We search Computer1, 0 response, asset not found

I check the documentation and I see that the unique identifier is based on mac or name of the computer.

Why I have so the problem with 1 asset= 1 IP

Website Version: 5077


Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact and provide us with:
- Screenshot of the first computer's Lansweeper webpage.
- Screenshot of the second computer's Lansweeper webpage.
- Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Errorlog.txt, as present on your Lansweeper server.