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Engaged Sweeper II
Hey guys,

We are currently using ASAP passport as our inventory system but i want to make the switch to using lansweeper because it integrates much better with how we run. The big issue i'm facing is that in passport you can generate a unique Asset number and it doesn't re-use the same one for the next new asset.

Example: I want to create a new asset. I want every time i open the create new asset window , that an "asset #" is automatically and uniquely assigned to it. it would have to find the last created asset # and then add 1 to it.

in my example lets say i created a new computer with asset number 12345, i would want the next time i create an asset to be 12346, followed by 12347... and so on.

is this possible by using one of the "Asset Custom Fields" from within the Configuration -> Asset pages window?