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Lansweeper website

I would love to see lansweeper create a mobile compatable webpage.That way IT staff with blackberries can connect the data in lansweeper no matter where they are in the institution.Dan

Wishkist Monitor serial #

We would buy the software if it could record display monitor serial numbers. (where available)

Latter by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan user profiles for installed Network Printers

First, the printers section should be added to the configuration report. Our primary use of the configuration report is to assist with re-installing windows are restoring user settings. I managed to modify the config report aspx file to include thi...

wgknowles by Engaged Sweeper II
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Approved Software by groups of users

Hi,It will be very helpful if we could mark the approved software by group of users, because there are software that are not approved for all the users.Thanks,Eyal.

eyalg by Engaged Sweeper
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Show language name

Hi everyone -Simple suggestion for utlity, not a need.I created an extra table with MS languages codes found here - records these codes in the tblOperatingSystem as OSLanguage, but it's just a number. ...

mrmcfu by Engaged Sweeper
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Found and Approved Software

Hi,This is regarding the TAB "Approved Software" in the Lansweeper Configuration Manager.On the left panel I see " Found Software". On the right panel I can see "Approved Software" It would be nice that "Approved Software" is not visible in the "Foun...

jacobsenm by Engaged Sweeper III
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