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We have a scan server scheduled to scan some IP ranges which includes computers as well in the subnet, the scan was happening properly but some times back the computer scan is not running properly, could you please let us know what could be the reason.


The IP scan is running, if we initiate a manual scan on computer by selecting, it will scan but during the scheduled scan the computer scanning is not running. The port 135 is open as well as i am able to telnet to the machines from scan server.


Could you please help i have checked error log but not able to find anything relevant. @Obi_1_Cinobi 





Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support


Can you double-check your scanning schedules for the computer scan and check if the scanning target is enabled? 


To avoid unnecessary network traffic during agentless scanning, not all Windows and Linux computer data is always rescanned. 

If you are rescanning to get specific items updated and the due scanning time is not reached yet, these updates will not happen. How to check this can be found in the below article.

Manage scanned item intervals

Check if any scanning errors are showing on the given asset. These might shed light on what's going on. If any scanning errors show, you can use the below troubleshooting guide to get them fixed.


Scanning troubleshoot guide