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Champion Sweeper
What should the Bus and Onboard computer configurations show? Based on the icons, it looks like any additional cards installed. I'm running a demo of ClearApps too and they show the number and type of card slots. ie. 3 PCI.

Can Lansweeper report on these specs? We often find ourselves needing a video card or additional NIC for a computer and have to pull the case off and figure out what we need.

Can this information be collected in Lansweeper?
Lansweeper Alumni
We are unsure whether WMI can make the distinction between PCI and PCI Express. We have not been able to confirm this through any of our tests and suspect PCI Express did not yet exist when the Win32_Bus WMI class was implemented.
Champion Sweeper
Thanks. That worked. Is there a way to distinguish between PCI Express and PCI? Or maybe the few machines I did scan were all PCI? Results are below.

PCI_BUS_2&DABA3FF&0 ACPI\PNP0A03\2&DABA3FF&0 5 04/11/2012
Lansweeper Alumni
The "bus" item on computer webpages maps to this WMI class.
The "onboard" item on computer webpages maps to this WMI class.

Please note that bus scanning is disabled by default. To retrieve bus info, do the following:
- Enable the "BUS" item in your Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Options\Item Wait Time.
- Perform a "Full Rescan" of all your machines.

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