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Engaged Sweeper

I'm unable to access the Web Console using Firefox. The web console runs under IIS7 and everything is configured like this : .

The thing is : It works fine with IE on other computers. The only other problem I have, which is major, is that it does not work on the Lansweeper/IIS7 server itself, using IE. It keeps asking me for the credentials.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Engaged Sweeper
Ok.. For an unknown reason it works fine with Firefox now. But I still have the problem with the server itself. I looked at the Security Logs of Windows Server 2008 and I think the problem is somewhere within the security settings of IE, because the logon are accepted. Anyways we won't be using the console directly on the server. Thank you!
Lansweeper Alumni
You can enable security logging on the server using policies (failure audit), then you will see the exact error