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Engaged Sweeper
We installed the latest version 4.0.0. Im trying to remote control a PC on our domain and shortly after i receive Cant Start local process.

I then attempt to run VNC Viewer which prompts for a password (not sure which password since i dont know which users password it wants)- i try many but receive authentication failed.

Ive opened port 5900 (i think) but i dont have any way to check if this is successful or not. I can take screenshots successfully.

Could anyone give more info on how to remote control a PC? If you require further info please advise?

Lansweeper Alumni
1) Lansweeper remote control does not work because there is already a vnc server running on the machine (because of error 2)
2) If there is already a vnc server running on the remote server you will need to configure the password if you want to access the computer.