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Champion Sweeper III
OK - one thing that I found is a good idea to add to reports (though its a pain) - for software, registry keys, file scanning...

is checking to see if here are scanning issues with REGISTRY, SOFTWARE, etc. This cuts down on false positives on reports that check for the existence of things...

So, you can add the following for example, to your reports involving a registry key check

Left Join (Select tblErrors.Assetid,tblErrors.CFGname
From tblErrors
Where tblErrors.CFGname = 'REGISTRY') tablename On
tblAssets.AssetID = tablename.AssetID

However in this case, if you have multiple scanning issues for the asset (i.e SOFTWARE, REGISTRY, UPTIME, whatever) you will get multiple rows returned for the asset.

So you have to put Select DISTINCT Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon, at the top of the report.

I'm just throwing this out there - is there a better way to do this?