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Engaged Sweeper

i was trying to make a querie to look at upgrade possibilties.

but i found out that cpu type(32 or 64 bit) stored in the database is not correct. because some computers are displayed that the have a 32 bit cpu but the have in fact an 64 bit cpu. the operating system on that computer is 32 bit

i found this option in tblcomputersystem.systemtype

can someone please explain how i get the correct cpu type and if this is possible?

Lansweeper Alumni
Any update that is not in an official servicepack is considered "not fully tested"
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for the link.

The hotfix is not fully tested yet so anyone who wants to do this need to be very careful.

The also stated it will be deployed in SP4 but according to the sp roadmap
the wont do sp4 so this confuses me a bit anyone that can clarify this for me?
Lansweeper Alumni
See here:

To check for 64 bit processors you need the filter: web40ProcessorCapacity.Architecture = 9
Engaged Sweeper
then i think that the cpu issent scanned right.

I checked diffrent types of systems latitude e4300 and optiplex 780 these because we have both windows xp 32 bits version and windows 7 64 bit version on them.

When a system is scanned with windows xp on it the cpu is:
1 * Intel Pentium III Xeon processor

a brand new latitude e4310 even displays:
1 * Intel Pentium II processor

When on that same system windows 7 is installed the correct type is displayed either:
1 * Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz or 1 * Intel Core i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz

Can it be that windows xp is not fammiliar with all these new types of cpu?
Lansweeper Alumni
Take a look at the default report "Computer: 64 bit processor but 32 bit OS installed"

This has the parameters you need.