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Engaged Sweeper
I know Lansweeper comes with Remote Software Uninstaller, but is there a remote software installer as well? I didn't notice in any documentation on the site that it is included nor did I see it anywhere in my trial installation.

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When you use something like nircmd or psexec, it's possible to do installations. But your install scripts should be keept really unattended, or it will fail. To check the success of an installation it's possible to redirect the output errorlevel to a file and then check the file.

Nircmd uses a different concept for executing commands, it uses the task scheduler, I like it although there can be a delay (no more than 1 minute) until it starts.
Champion Sweeper
Good question but the answer is no.

This is because of security features in Windows. When you try to run programs in another users GUI, nothing will show up even though they will see it in the task manager.

PSexec.exe can get around some of the security for this but it is limited and I have not been able to get any worth while applications installed.

Another thing you can look into is useing WMI to access the Windows Task Scheduler. I have seen scripts able to do this useing VBS scripts, but I only know Powershell and have not gotten it to work and haven't had the time to troubleshoot more.

I would like to point out that Ghost Solution Suits 2.5 has the ability to install applications on remote PC's, the way this works is thay have a client installed.

Last option I can think of is to look into Application Virtualization, such as Installfree Bridge (www.installfree.com) (also my personal recomendation). Others are Microsoft App-V, Symantec SVS (I think) and last and least VMware ThinApp (This is the first technology for this, but greatly outdated and limited compared to other solutions).