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Engaged Sweeper
Hi all,

I've been trying out this software as I need to get info RE the RAM Types of our machines. Tried Spiceworks but couldn't pull the info and heard that LanSweeper could do it.

However, I've got it all set up and have used the custom report builder following the information in the thread here (

I've linked those tables in with ComputerUnique (station name) but I get a load of entries with a different memory type in each. The machine I'm actually working on has an entry for DDR, DDR-2 and DDR-3.

Is there any way of compiling this information from within the report builder? All I'm after is 'Station Name' with 'Amount of RAM' and 'Type of RAM' (i.e. MAG-IT, 4096, DDR-3).

Can anybody help or point me in the right direction?
Lansweeper Alumni
Most likely this can be solved by a bios update on the machines (which will be the same work as going around the building)
Engaged Sweeper
Just tried it and whilst I now get single entries, the MemoryName is showing as either SDRAM or Unknown. The majority of them being the latter... will keep having a tinker though am having to remote into my work machine so taking a little longer than I'd like.

If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear him. Frankly I could spend a couple days researching this and it'd still be twice as fast as doing a walkaround! 🙂
Lansweeper Alumni
Try this:

Select Distinct tblComputers.Computername, tblComputers.ComputerUnique,
web40CorrectMemory.Memory, TsysMemorytypes.MemoryName
From tblComputers Inner Join
tblPhysicalMemory On tblComputers.Computername =
tblPhysicalMemory.Computername Inner Join
web40CorrectMemory On web40CorrectMemory.Computername =
tblComputers.Computername Inner Join
TsysMemorytypes On tblPhysicalMemory.MemoryType = TsysMemorytypes.Memorytype