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Engaged Sweeper
I built our Lansweeper 4 server with SQL Express 2008 as I used the 2005 version with a version 3 server and had no problems.

Now initially despite saying only look in this ou, Lansweeper found a bunch of computer's it shouldnt have, but I deleted the data via the Lansweeper Configuration utility.

I've got approx 1000 computers, but the SQL is reporting my database is full. I've checked and from what I can quickly tell there is only the data that there should be.

I was wondering if A)could tell me if SQL Expres won't just work B)Help clean out the db.

I tried shrinking the database but it's currently sitting at 0% free and won't actually shrink.

Lansweeper Alumni
SQL express maximum size is 4GB

The problem is most likely the event logs which take a lot of space.
You can clear table "tblntlogevent" before shrinking.

sql code:
truncate table tblntlogevent