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Engaged Sweeper
On one domain, we have all of our corporate users who all have their photos in Program Files\Lansweeper\Website\userpictures using the username naming convention. Without going into too much detail, we also have about 80 users on this domain who are not actual people (meaning, these accounts are used as domain logins for PCs that stay logged in at all times and are shared among people).

What I would like to do, if for these 80 accounts I mentioned above, have them all share the same user photo. Is there a way to change the default user photo? Alternatively, is there a way to specify a wildcard photo?
Lansweeper Alumni
You can change the default user image by replacing Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\images\nopicture.png on your Lansweeper server. Assigning user images to specific groups of users is not currently possible however.