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Champion Sweeper III
The first wish for deployment, I have mentioned before, but am desperate for like a teenage girl is desperate for her cell phone. That's for a step in the deployment that kicks off another deployment. How is this awesome you ask?

We are a school and have labs. Each labs has some similar software but some for itself. If I create 10 deployments, and lab A needs software 1-4, I can have one step for 4 software. As deployments 1-4 have 4 steps each. As of now I have to copy and paste the steps then I have the same deployment steps on 6 different deployments that have 4 steps each. If one of those steps changes....I have to find every deployment that has that software and make the change. Instead of changing it once, in the actual deployment, all the rest just call on that one.

The second wish, is that the steps have conditions build in as well as a separate step, and to see software. (or even a part of the condition step)

I have a deployment, that installs 7 different software. If the computer has 1 of them, I cannot use that deployment because that one step would fail. I picture it similar to the asset groups, where "if software is like Flash skip step" or something like that. Then the step will look to see if flash is installed and skip the step since it's not needed, instead of failing.

I think the deployment tool is awesome and works well, but throwing stuff out to help make it better.