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Engaged Sweeper III
I really like the idea of viewing at a glance the number of mail servers that we have or the number of printers, DNS servers, etc.

Unfortunately, the info is not 100% accurate and in the current implementation, it is IMPOSSIBLE for an administrator to make it 100% accurate.

This comes from the fact that a "computer" cannot be a "device" or have device like attributes. As long as this restriction continues to exist, the "Device Overview" will NEVER be 100% accurate and therefore limit its usefulness.

For instance, Microsoft Exchange servers will never appear in the Device Overview panel as "Mail servers" because Lansweeper sees it as a computer.

By adding device like fields to discovered computers such as "Type" and by giving the administrator the ability to "lock" the definition, it would be possible for an administrator to make this information 100% accurate.

Furthermore, small companies use their Windows server to fulfill more than one, "device like" functions. For example, a server could be a mailserver, a DNS server, a print server, Fax server, etc..