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Engaged Sweeper
I have about 2400 computers that have been recognized by Lansweeper in my environment. Some 400 have not been scanned (for various reasons). When I check the report "Display: Screensaver without password" the report returns some 1800 of my computers. When I check the "Display: Screensaver with password" report it lists about 1500. I figured something was wrong.

When I looked at the query it looks like it is looking at all accounts listed for a computer in tblDesktop and if any of them have or don't have a screen saver password, the computer shows up in both reports respectively. The query also includes local accounts that start with "NT AUTHORITY\" which presumably don't have interactive logins.

The query also looks at the entry for the computer with the highest date. In the case of my computer, all 10 accounts that appear in the database all have the same exact date/time and the entry hasn't changed since the original scan two months ago (even though Desktop is checked every 15 days). It may never change since the domain accounts already have the password secured screen saver.

Any ideas on how to improve this report or make it more accurate?

Lansweeper Alumni
You could try filtering out the system users.