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Engaged Sweeper
We have a computer on our network called Workstation45 which has an IP address ending in 101, which is properly scanned by LanSweeper. We also have a computer showing up in some reports (never scanned software & OS) with a name of the 101 IP address. I've tried deleting it, but it re-appears the next day, so I deleted Workstation45, then renamed 101 to Workstation45, but 101 re-appeared again saying it's not scanned.

The PC has only been switched on once in the last two weeks, so I thought it must be coming from DNS. I've checked the DNS Manager on the server and I can only find 101 once in the Forward Lookup Zones (next to the Workstation45 name), and once in the Reverse Lookup Zones (with Workstaion45 next to it in the Data column).

Does anyone know how I can get LanSweeper to only show it once as a properly scanned PC?

Lansweeper Alumni
Can you e-mail us screenshots of the problem please (lansweeper@hemoco.com)