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Champion Sweeper
I'm trying to setup my lansweeper to email me when a particular eventlog entry is detected in a scheduled scan, but I am a little confused on this whole emailing system in Lansweeper.
All of my servers are scheduled for a scan each day at midnight. After this scan, I can see any new eventlog entries in the Lansweeper console. What I would like is for the system to send me an email ONLY when an eventlog entry such as Event ID 6008 ("The previous system shutdown at...") is detected. It would be nice if this email listed machines this event was detected on. Is this possible? If so, please walk me through setting it up. Thank you
Lansweeper Alumni
Please refer to pages 92 and 93 of our online documentation for information on setting up event log mailing.
Champion Sweeper
Specifically, I want to get an email letting me know any server that shutdown unexpectedly during the night so that we are aware.

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