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Engaged Sweeper
We have some software that is installed on about 4000 clients. There are a few different verisons of the software but it is only showing as being installed on about 500 of the pcs. I can see the software installed in Add and remove programs on the pcs. It is showing clients with any version of the software installed in the report for the software but only 500.
Lansweeper Alumni
Please contact us at support@lansweeper.com and provide us with the following:
- Screenshot of your web console landing page. You can access your landing page by clicking on the Lansweeper logo in the top left corner of the web console. Please show us the whole page.
- Screenshot of the Lansweeper webpage for one problem computer. Please show us the "Actions", "Software" and (if it exists) "Errors" section of the page.
- Name of the software package that should be reported as installed on the machine.