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Engaged Sweeper

I am new users. Have Premium version of LanSweeper. Have a lot troubles - 70% works and 30% fails.

The RPC server is unavailable & Cannot connect to DCOM port 135 are errors.

1. DNS works - WS name & IP are right at error message
2. Ping works WebConsole
3. I can take RDP to WS from WebConsole
4. Firewall RemoteAdmin is enable, set by GroupPolicy
5. When test Telnet WSname 135 it work - port is active.

So scanning should work. Still many missed WS and when try Tricker scan (P) from WebConsole scan still fails.

This should not be possible. What to do
Engaged Sweeper

Found out what caused this. Had some dummy DNS failures but one nasty suprice. All looks good - at WS firewall is _not_ turned ON and Remote Admin is enabled. But...

When look services FW was automatic startup mode, but still _not_ started. It's halted state. So at boot FW try to start and apply remote admin rule. But service start fails -> rule fails -> scan fails. And When look WS you see that FW is not active.

Disable FW startup for these WS and scan works. This is hot fix only. i need to solve why FW service does this. But for Lansweeper point of wiev this is solved.

Lansweeper Alumni
Please mail us a and provide screenshots of the problem.

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