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Engaged Sweeper

We have just noticed that we are no longer able to connect to the C$ and ADMIN$ from the advanced actions list.

I have checked the location and permissions of the file and manually accessing the locations and nothing seems to be amiss.

Could you please advise.

thank you
Engaged Sweeper
Thanks for the info, we now have this back up and running.

It turns out that we had Lansweeper & Lansweeper5 folders. We were updating one and running from the other.

Rooky mistake, but thanks for the assistance.
Engaged Sweeper II
We were also unable to use Open C$ and Open Admin$ custom actions
For us it looks as though it is a problem with windows explorer.
We are using Explorer++ instead
copy the executable to your lansweeper share
these custom actions should work

{actionpath}Explorer++.exe \\{smartname}\Admin$

{actionpath}Explorer++.exe \\{smartname}\c$

Works well for our environment

If logged in as an elevated user Open C$ and Open Admin$ custom actions are no problem here
We are logged in as a restricted user
We are using alternate elevated credentials to launch the browser
We have two domains with an elevated user for each domain

Hope this helps someone

EDIT: It turns out that our problem was associated with group policy not properly applying to the clients. But Explorer++ worked without the policy on the client.
Lansweeper Alumni
The file shellexec.vbs should be located in the lansweeper\actions folder.

You can reinstall the website to get all the latest actions.

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