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Engaged Sweeper III
I would really like to see reports/dashboards of hardware performance particular of HD S.M.A.R.T data, CPU utilization, CPU fan speed, Power supply usage(how much wattage is actually being used), PS fan speed, Video Card fan speed, Video Card performance counters.

Other brands accomplish this by having an agent on the computer and i know you guys are agent-free but this info would be very useful if there was a way you could capture the data. even if it was 5min delay and also history to compare to.

I dont think it would work to be on demand scan because if a employee calls in and says hey my computer was make a loud noise at noon we would like to be able to retrieve that data even if they called us at 1 or 2pm. Then we can diagnose if somehting hardware wise is going on and maybe then determine what would need replaced instead of waiting till the computer crashes and the employee being down for a period of time.