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Engaged Sweeper III
Two things here and maybe already possible so if they are please let me know how to retrieve them since i cant figure it out...

Would like a report that shows the software useage per user, computer, company. Looking for how many times a piece of software was opened each day and for how long it was opened(if possible) This would help to determine ROI for future upgrades or even the future use of software we currently have. If we have someo software that we are supporting but only 10% of the employees are actually using it then we could decide if it is still worth supporting this software or if we should look at other options that would allow more people to use it.

Web pages tracking is the other request. Again would like to see what pages each user is going to, how many times they hit that page a day,week, month, year. How long they are on the page. Would also like it to report a summary of the company traffic. What are the top 10 sites that everyone visits. Would be handy to have a blacklist for sites so if someone goes to it then we get a red alert and if that person keeps going there we can find out why...simialar to your approved software and unapproved software report.