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Champion Sweeper III
Added in v.6.0.100

The report below lists the count of internal/public notes that an agent has made today.

The report will only list users that meet all of the following criteria:
  • The user must be an agent.
  • The notes were made today.

Select Top 1000000 htblticket.ticketid,
'#' + Cast(htblticket.ticketid As nvarchar) As Ticket, As CreationDate,
htblticket.updated As LastUpdated,
htbltickettypes.typename As Type,
htblticketstates.statename As State, As Priority, As Source, As [User], As AssignedAgent,
'../helpdesk/icons/' + htbltickettypes.icon As icon,
htblticket.subject As Subject, As NoteSentDate,
Case htblnotes.notetype When 1 Then 'Public Reply' When 2 Then 'Internal Note'
Else 'Initial Ticket' End As NoteType, As NoteSentBy
From htblticket
Inner Join htblpriorities On htblpriorities.priority = htblticket.priority
Inner Join htblticketstates On htblticketstates.ticketstateid =
Inner Join htblusers On htblusers.userid = htblticket.fromuserid
Left Join htblagents On htblagents.agentid = htblticket.agentid
Left Join htblusers htblusers1 On htblusers1.userid = htblagents.userid
Inner Join htbltickettypes On htblticket.tickettypeid =
Inner Join htblsource On htblticket.sourceid = htblsource.sourceid
Inner Join htblnotes On htblticket.ticketid = htblnotes.ticketid
Inner Join htblagents htblagents1 On htblagents1.userid = htblnotes.userid
Inner Join htblusers htblusers2 On htblusers2.userid = htblagents1.userid
Where > GetDate() - 1 And htblticket.spam <> 'True'
Order By NoteSentDate Desc,