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Unsupported Help

I know the developers don't support Novell but I was hoping maybe some other users might have experience and a solution for my problem.We are running Novell Netware and Client 4.9 across around 300-400 computers on windows XP and multiple servers wit...

BoSadmin by Engaged Sweeper
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OS Summary Bar

I just installed the demo version from the 18/02/10 and now I get a 1 number with no description on the dafault page.When I view the source I assume that this will be the offending code. <td align="left" width="10"><img src="images/"...

Facilities by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scan over VPN

I was having no luck scanning over VPN (Cisco ASA to Cisco PIX) to any of my remote offices via v3.5.2. I am now trying 4.0 beta, but am still having issues. The weird thing is that one of my vista computers that I have in a remote office has scann...

fitchn by Engaged Sweeper
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VMware ESX servers like Linux servers

The program detects VMware ESX servers like Linux servers, and doesn't detect neither the manufacturer or the model of the server.

rabones by Engaged Sweeper
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Dual Screens on graphcs cards

Hi All, Not sure if this is possible or id there is away.But we currently have quite a few computer which have 2 monitors connteced on there computers.. Just wondering can LanSweeper detect these on a report so that we can find out how many computers...

karl800 by Engaged Sweeper
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Unauthorized Administrators query change request

I'd like to recommend changing the Unauthorized Administrators report to display the Groupname field before the Domainname field. Domainname and Username are associated with one another (i.e., domainname\username) and having Groupname between them i...

sebouh by Engaged Sweeper
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General Reports - Unauthorized Administrators

In the General Reports page, the Computer: Unauthorized Administrators report appears twice (both in the High Priority and Important) sections. Should only appear in one of them... no?

sebouh by Engaged Sweeper
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