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Engaged Sweeper II
Hi, How can i export CSV without quotes and semicolon? im trying to export all users who have not logged on for 90 days, ive got the report working and its to export just 1 column of the users samaccountname, so i can then run a powershell to disable the exported accounts.

but every export puts an output like this "Username"; and then each username has "username" around it which powershell doesnt like.

Can anyone please advise me?

Engaged Sweeper

You can't, this is a 7 year old bug that LanSweeper doesn't want to address.

Engaged Sweeper III
CSVs being created with a semicolon instead of a comma was supposedly confirmed as a bug but doesn't seem to have ever been fixed because it happens on my install too. The quotes are normal to ensure that any instances of the seperator that are part of the actual field value are treated as such.

You can tell PowerShell to import the file using a semicolon delimiter as follows:

Import-Csv -Path $ExportFile -Delimiter ';'

It will then import normally just as if it was correctly formatted with commas.

Great solution if you could actually trigger a powershell script after the SSV (semicolon separated values) is created. Is that a feature that is not documented?