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Engaged Sweeper III
When I've installed lansweeper, because of another service, I've had to set the http port to another value than 80.
Now that service is gone, I want to restore the http port to 80, I don't want to reinstall lansweeper, but to keep it running and I don't know how to accomplish this.

Can you tell me how or where can I change this? I've looked around, but without any success until now.

Lansweeper Alumni
Note that there are some known bugs in UltiDev. We would recommend switching to IIS or IIS Express instead. IIS Express is the default Lansweeper 5.0 web server.
Engaged Sweeper III
So, if you need it, here are the steps:

Start -> All Programs -> UltiDev -> Web Server Pro -> UltiDev Web App Explorer
Default Shared Host Process -> website
Network Addresses tab

...and you'll figure out what to do next.

All the best.

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