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Engaged Sweeper
We are scheduling a computer refresh in our college. Is there a way to see what user are using what printers? This inculdes printer that installed through a dedicated print server, and Direct IP Printing. I know Lansweeper can pull local printers.

I have a WMI command that will locate that info and place it in an a text file.

The command is: wmic /OUTPUT:"%userprofile%\My Documents\myprinters.txt" printer get name

This however will only use the current logged in users printer information.

I guess my question is can Lansweeper use WMI to pull this info for all users that have profiles on a computer and attach it to the matching users profile in Lansweeper, or use the created text file and attach it a users profile in Lansweeper?
Lansweeper Alumni
You would have to write your own custom database script for this. Lansweeper currently only scans printers that are installed for a computer as a whole, not for individual users.

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